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Removables for Semi-Edentulous & Fully Edentulous Patients

Dentures replace missing teeth resulting from decay, injury, or disease. Thanks to the range of materials and options we provide at Global Dental Solutions, you can supply the right style and price point to your patients to improve their appearance and overall health. Our options include standard acrylic and resin teeth with optional upgrades to a premium Lucitone 199 processing base and IPN, Bioblend, or porcelain teeth.

Partial Removables Crafted of Metal & Metal-Free Materials

Global Dental Solutions fabricates quality partial removables with various options available. Partial removable dentures consist of resin teeth attached to acrylic or flexible bases matching the color of a patient’s gingiva.  Our partial removable options include both metal and metal-free structures and clasps, so you have a multitude of solutions to offer your patients. Choose from all the following:

  • Cast Metal Partials – We use superior alloys to manufacture each framework, ensuring they are lightweight yet durable.
  • Standard CrCo Alloy – Our standard CrCo alloy is fracture-resistant and comfortable. Because of its reduced surface hardness, you will be able to adjust and polish these removables easily.
  • Vitallium 2000 Alloy – The premium CrCo partial denture ally, Vitallium 2000 is the highest-quality alloy available for partial removable dentures.
  • Metal-Free Partials – Global Dental Solutions can also provide removable solutions without metal clasps or metal on the tissue surface. We offer flexible, tissue-borne partials such as Valplast®, tcs®, and Dentsply Lucitone FRS®.

Complete Removables

Complete removable dentures are a viable option for people missing an entire upper or lower arch of dentition. Global Dental Solutions offers complete removables made of high-quality materials that are custom-fitted to each patient’s mouth based on the model or impression provided by your office. Using the same standard acrylic or premium Lucitone 199® material, our technicians can also produce interim dentures for your patient to wear immediately after tooth extractions, while they wait for the fabrication of a permanent complete removable denture.

Specialized Attachments for Fixed and Removable Cases

Attachments for fixed and removable cases are designed to keep full and partial dentures securely in place while allowing free movement and maintaining bone and tissue structure. The attachments we provide for dentists with patients seeking increased retentive solutions include:

  • Extracoronal Precision Attachments – Components of these attachments fit snugly in the mouth to provide comfort, a natural appearance, and additional strength to facilitate chewing. Another advantage is the crown they are fabricated to requires less tooth reduction than their intracoronal counterparts. Examples of extracoronal precision attachments are the VKS and Preci-Sagix Attachments.
  • Overdenture Attachments – Overdentures provide support and stability for patients suffering from retention problems related to their complete dentures. Examples of overdenture attachments are Root Cap Abutments and Stud and Bar Attachments.
  • Acetal Resin Overpartials Acetal resin overpartials from Global Dental Solutions are available in all 16 VITAPAN classical shades to complement any smile. They utilize existing dentition for retention and require no reduction. Is your clinic familiar with DenMat’s Snap-On Smile®? Our laboratory’s acetal resin overpartials are similar and used for a variety of purposes. Acetal resin overpartials are ideal for temporary usage while your patient waits for their dental implants to osseointegrate or as a suitable smile enhancement. You will need to take a full arch impression of your patient’s maxillary and mandibular arches, as well as a bite registration and shade. Each case is designed according to your patient’s existing contours and will improve any misaligned teeth and restore edentulous spaces. However, if your patient wants a different contour, please be sure to provide us with this information, such as detailed instruction or a selection from the LVI smile guide, when providing the case to us.

Send Cases To Global Dental Solutions Today

Whether you’re a clinician or someone working on behalf of a clinician, prescribing removables from Global Dental Solutions is fast and convenient. Contact us today to request information, and a member of our staff will be happy to assist. Call us to schedule pickups or ask for a pickup through our customer portal. We can also alert you by text or email whenever a case ships to you!

  • If you are a patient seeking dental care or advice, we are unable to assist you. We service Dentists and dental laboratories and can not treat patients directly.

Work with us for all your patients’ dentures.
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