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Fixed Detachables & Hybrid Denture FAQ

When making a restorative treatment plan for a patient, dentists have a variety of solutions to choose from, including permanent implants, tooth-supported bridges, and removable full or partial dentures. A more recent and increasingly popular option among dentists and patients is a fixed detachable hybrid denture supported by implants.  

Global Dental Solutions fabricates custom restorations for clinicians nationwide. We use only quality materials from quality suppliers in our restorations to provide our customers and their patients a long-term solution. Here are the most common questions we receive from dentists about fixed detachable hybrid dentures. Contact our dental lab for more detailed information or to discuss specific questions. 

What materials are used to make a fixed detachable hybrid bridge?  

The main structure is a titanium bar, secured directly to the implants. The titanium is Ti-6Al-4V (TC4) medical-grade alloy. We use a wraparound design that allows quality acrylic to hide all metal so that the only exposed metal is the metal which connects to the implants. Lastly, we use premium grade resin teeth, most typically Portrait IPN by Dentsply. 

Why choose a fixed detachable hybrid for implant-supported dentures? 

Dentists choose a fixed detachable hybrid denture for the improved functionality and mastication forces as compared to a standard, non-implant supported denture. Additionally, this option can be more economical than implant-supported crowns and/or bridges. 

How many implants are required to support a fixed/detachable hybrid denture? 

The most common number of implant placements is four. However, dentists can place more implants as deemed necessary and this type of restoration can be fabricated on as many implants as required. 

How much do fixed/detachable hybrid dentures cost to fabricate and ship nationwide? 

Restoration prices vary by dentist. If you are a patient, contact your dentist for his or her specific pricing. If you are a dentist, please contact us for this pricing, as well as our complete product and price list. 

What are the patient’s risks and limitations after choosing a fixed/detachable hybrid denture? 

Implant placement assists in the prevention of bone loss due to edentulism, but bone loss is still possible in areas where there is no implant placed. Over time, space may develop between the screw-retained denture and the tissue. If this happens, you may need to have an acrylic reline to close the space.  There is also a risk of implant failure, however, this risk is associated with any implant, not just for this type of product. 

How to prescribe consistent, accurate hybrid restorations from Global Dental Solutions 

Global Dental Solutions makes this process as simple and clear as possible to ensure exemplary results from our lab for each restoration. Check out our downloadable five-step fixed detachable/hybrid dentures guide to see our preferred protocol for each step from the master impression to the final processing.   

If you have other questions for our team, or to send us a case, call us or visit the contact page to download an Rx form. 

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