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Receive Daily Email Summary Of Your Cases

Complete the Information Below to Sign Up!

sample daily report graphic

Please complete the information below to sign up to receive a daily email summary of your cases. You’ll receive an email that includes the cases received and shipped that day, including FedEx tracking capability. FedEx tracking capability is available for clinicians outside of our local courier route. Any cases on hold will also be listed.

At right is an example of the email you’ll receive.

Sign Up For Your Daily Case Report

  • The e-mail address you provide will not be used for promotional e-mails and will only be used for billing communications if it is already registered for that purpose.
  • Please provide your first and last name, practice name, account number (from your statement) and phone number below. If you do not have have your statement, please call for your account number.
  • By submitting this form you are authorizing Global Dental Solutions to send your Daily Case Summary via email to the address provided above. You will begin receiving the report within several business days.

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