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Hybrid Dentures & Screw-Retained Implants in Atlanta, GA

When a patient is missing a large number of teeth or all of their teeth, many assume that traditional dentures are the only replacement option. However, there are many other solutions that may be a better fit for their lifestyle. Global Dental Solutions is here to help you provide additional tooth replacement options for your patients. We offer two types of fixed detachable dental solutions. The two options we offer are hybrid dentures and screw-retained implants. While these are a form of replacement teeth similar to traditional dentures, they provide many benefits over those that a patient must remove nightly. Our team is here to explain all the options and help you provide the best care for your patients.  Please contact us today to learn more about the dental products and services we offer.

What’s the Difference Between a Fixed Detachable & a Denture?

A fixed detachable is different from a traditional denture in that it is fixed in place within the patient’s mouth. While a conventional denture is removed every night when a patient sleeps, a fixed detachable is secured in the mouth and can only be removed at a dental office. This provides a sturdier and more permanent option for teeth replacement. With a fixed detachable, the patient will not have to worry about messy adhesives or cleaning solutions, as they’ll use the same cleaning methods they would for their natural teeth. At Global Dental Solutions, our dental lab can provide two fixed detachable options for dentists – hybrid dentures and screw-retained implants. Continue reading to learn more about each option.


What is a Hybrid Denture?

Hybrid dentures are used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. Unlike regular dentures that patients remove every night, hybrid dentures are fixed in place by four dental implants. To complete the process of hybrid dentures, the dentist must first surgically place four implants into the jaw bone. Once fully healed, these implants will fuse with the bone and help hold the hybrid denture in place. The implants support a metal bar that acts as an anchor for the new hybrid denture. The bar is permanently fixed in the mouth, ensuring the dentures will not slide around while eating or talking. After the hybrid denture is placed, it can only be removed by a dentist or oral surgeon.

Why Your Patients Will Prefer Fixed Detachables

As an oral healthcare provider, you want to offer the very best care for your patients. That means giving them the most advanced and convenient dental solutions. Fixed detachables provide this for your patients. We know that if you give your patients the option of a hybrid denture or screw-retained bridge, they will prefer it over a removable denture option. Their many beneficial features allow your patients to continue the same lifestyle and eating habits that they had prior to losing their teeth. Not only do fixed detachables provide a more permanent teeth replacement option, but patients also prefer them for the following reasons:

  • Retained chewing force due to stability of fixed detachables
  • Ability to eat all foods unlike the limited diets mandated by traditional dentures
  • Maintained intraoral bone structure
  • Normal palatal sensations, as the fixed detachable will not cover the palate

Why You Should Trust Global Dental Solutions

At Global Dental Solutions, we know how much you, as a healthcare provider, care about your patients. We know you only want to offer them the most innovative dental solutions that are not only safe but also effective at solving their dental problems. That’s why you only want to work with a top dental lab that will provide you with the products you need to make your patients’ procedures a success. You can count on Global Dental Solutions to provide trusted, safe products for use in dental procedures at your office. We are members of various professional organizations and hold numerous certifications that prove our expertise, some of which include:

  • Certified Dental Technicians
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories
  • Georgia Dental Lab Association
  • Captek Advanced Certified
  • Valplast Certified Laboratory


What is a Screw-Retained Bridge?

A screw-retained bridge is a type of teeth replacement option that can be used when there is not enough room for a cement-retained implant restoration. It is most often used for patients missing one tooth or several consecutive teeth. A screw-retained crown or bridge is similar to a hybrid denture in that it is supported by an implant, which means one or more implants must first be placed to begin the process. This also means that, like a hybrid denture, screw-retained bridges and crowns are very durable. The crowns and bridges provided by Global Dental Solutions are some of the best, as they are made at our dental lab to ensure their strength and durability.

Partner with Global Dental Solutions to Help Your Patients

At Global Dental Solutions, we want to help you provide superior dental care for your patients. That’s why we offer top dental products that are more convenient and effective. Your patients will love the aesthetics and precise fit our restorations provide, and you’ll love that they’re happy with the outcome of their treatment. We want to partner with you to provide you with all the materials and products you need to complete high-quality treatments for your patients. Please reach out to us to learn more about setting up a new account and start offering your patients the very best in oral healthcare.

  • If you are a patient seeking dental care or advice, we are unable to assist you. We service Dentists and dental laboratories and can not treat patients directly.

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