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Our Fixed Detachables Products

A Nationwide Provider of Fixed Detachable Dentures Since 2001

Global Dental Solutions is your experienced provider of fixed detachable dentures. We take pride in following technology as it develops and have fabricated countless fixed detachable cases since being an early adopter of the restorative option. As a full-service dental laboratory serving dentists nationwide since 2001, our fixed and removable restoration products have been included in Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products every year from 2007 through 2018. Our lab guarantees timely case delivery with accurate restoration products to satisfy both you and your patients. Please contact us to learn more about our products!

Fixed Detachable/Hybrid Dentures Are Anchored on Implants

Fixed detachable/hybrid dentures differ from traditional dentures because they are anchored on four (or more) implants. A titanium bar substructure connects directly to the implants or to multi-unit abutments, which have been seated on the implants. Our fixed detachable dentures include premium-grade teeth that can withstand the greater load and impact received by these restorations. How the fabrication process works is simple, and we suggest following our provided protocol page, or you can call and discuss different procedures if you prefer. We provide verification jigs to confirm the accuracy of the impression & model so it can be guaranteed the case will fit accurately at delivery. The pricing of our fixed detachable dentures is all-inclusive, so you know what to expect up front. Our full-service laboratory can also fabricate temporary dentures to be worn by your patient prior to surgery (whenever necessary).

Benefits of Fixed Detachable/Hybrid Screw-Retained Dentures

Our clinicians’ patients prefer fixed detachable dentures for a myriad of reasons, most notably the stronger bite force, which allows for the consumption of a full range of foods. They also afford the wearer the normal palatal sensations of natural dentition. From an overall health perspective, fixed detachable dentures help limit oral tissue resorption and bone loss, which results in continued structural stability for the mouth and face. Find answers for all your hybrid denture questions here.

Screw-Retained Implant Crowns & Bridges & Full Arches

Global Dental Solutions also fabricates screw-retained implant crowns and bridges. For PFM screw-retained restorations, we use a UCLA castable abutment, which can be adjusted for height and margin location. All-ceramic screw-retained restorations use a titanium base made for hybrid abutments and screw-retained units. The all-ceramic crown or bridge, consisting of zirconia or emax, is cemented to the titanium base in our laboratory. For full arch restorations, once our full-service laboratory receives the master impression from you, our technicians will fabricate a soft tissue master model, as well as the verification jig and baseplate and rim. We use either porcelain-fused metal (PFM) or all-ceramic restorations such as full contour zirconia or layered zirconia. Screw-retained full-arch restorations can be fabricated as full contour from a single piece of zirconia and if there is gingiva required, the gingiva can be layered with porcelain to create a natural tissue appearance. We can also create a screw-retained milled temporary for your patient to try out before approving the final fabrication.

Benefits of Screw-Retained Implant Crowns & Bridges

The advantage of screw-retained implant cases as compared to cement-retained is their retrievability. If anything happens over time, such as a loosened screw, it can be accessed and corrected easily, without the need to cut off and remake the crown or bridge. Check out our screw-retained implant crowns and bridges faq page for answers to all your questions.

Contact Global Dental Solutions to Place a Product Order

As a dedicated dental provider, you have a responsibility to your patients to offer them the best restorative products. You can count on Global Dental Solutions to deliver quality fixed detachable dentures, as well as screw-retained crowns, bridges, and full-arch restorations. Please contact us today to get started with you and your team. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our wide array of restorations and the materials we use, so you can feel comfortable recommending the ideal solution for your patients’ needs.