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Full Cast Crowns, Onlays & Inlays

We use only the finest alloys for our products, and we believe in the IdentAlloy program. Please click here to learn more about the IdentAlloy program: Additionally, the composition of the alloy used will be printed prominently on the invoice for each case. Our full cast
restorations are available in the below alloy options.

  • Non Precious Yellow alloy
  • Non Precious White alloy
  • Semi-Precious (Noble) White alloy
  • Semi-Precious (Noble) Yellow alloy
  • Precious (High Noble) White alloy, 40% gold
  • Precious (High Noble) Yellow alloy, 58% gold
  • Precious (High Noble) Yellow alloy, 74.5% gold

Titanium Milled Crown zoomed image at Atlanta, GA

Full Titanium Milled Crown

Unlike full cast crowns, which are waxed to shape and subsequently cast with the dental alloy of your choice using the lost wax technique, the full titanium crowns are milled from a solid disc. Our milled titanium crowns are made from Ti-6Al-4V (TC4) medical grade alloy. They are lightweight and biocompatible.

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