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Global Dental Solutions has highly specialized expertise in fabricating customized screw-retained crowns and bridges that can restore either a few teeth or a full arch. We’ve created a streamlined process for sending in patient impressions, quality fabrication, and receiving the final restorations with nationwide shipping from our dental lab in Atlanta, GA. Because we’re committed to providing accurate and detail-oriented results, our team is ready to answer your questions at every step in the process. Below are some frequently asked questions about these restorations. Call or email for answers to other questions you may have.

Why choose a screw-retained bridge over a cement-retained restoration option?

Once an implant is placed and ready for an abutment in a cement-retained restoration, the abutment and crown are placed as two successive pieces that are cemented together. If the screw loosens or some other reason requires retorquing or removal of the abutment, the crown must either be removed, or drilled through in order to gain access. In some cases, there is not enough clearance for separate components.

A fixed detachable screw-retained crown or bridge implant restoration combines the porcelain crown and metal alloy abutment into a single piece with a screw access hole in the crown for direct attachment to the implant. Once in place, the hole in the individual crown is filled with a tooth-colored composite. This allows for a secure fit and future retrievability as needed. Screw-retained crowns and bridges are also available as layered or full contour all ceramic, with the use of a titanium base.

How will a patient’s natural bite affect a screw-retained bridge or crown?

Patients with a significantly uneven bite pattern or bruxism can put unnatural stress on the restoration, and like natural teeth, a screw-retained crown or bridge can experience damage or failure. Proper treatment planning is required for optimal results.

How to order screw-retained full arch restorations From Global Dental Solutions

To ensure the best possible fit and outcome for the full arch restorations, our lab follows a specific protocol from start to finish. To learn more about our standard protocol, download our guide to screw-retained full arch restorations. For single units and bridges, either open tray or closed tray impressions are accepted and Zimmer’s guide for both can be found here.

If you have other questions for our team, please feel free to contact us!