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Good afternoon! Today we received E**** B*******'s crown #10 and it was perfect! Thank you for your amazing service and for a job well done.

W.G. DDS, Texas

I just wanted to share with you how beautifully the bridge you guys made for A**** (#9-11) turned out! It matches the one she already has on #5 to #8 perfectly and she is thrilled with it! Zero adjustments were necessary and it fit like a glove. Thanks again for the incredible work you all do!

M.S. DDS, Georgia

The work is excellent. The crown and bridge work your lab provides rarely needs adjusting.

S.H. DDS, Georgia, 02/07/2019

I delivered the cast partial for C*** B*** in 5 minutes and the patient is 92 years old. We were both very happy and the patient has not been back in for any adjustments.

C.M. DDS, Texas

I have been practicing dentistry for 60 years and Global Dental Solutions is the best lab I have EVER used. I am very grateful for you.

R.C.M. DDS, Texas

I seated the screw retained implant for #14 for Mr. Zxxx and it was such a breeze, it fit perfectly and looked amazing! Just wanted to say thank you, I really appreciate the good work you guys do.


We just seated that 4 unit cantilever bridge for F***** E**. It went on so well. Nothing to adjust and the abutments fit perfectly.

S.S. DDS, California

The case [screw retained denture on Ti-bar] was phenomenal! We were very happy with it, as was the patient. It fit perfectly and was beautiful.

M.M. DDS, Colorado

I want to thank you for working with me. Your work is really top notch. You’re one of the best labs I’ve ever worked with.

T.B. DDS, Georgia

Hey Brad, I just wanted to let you know how nicely the TCS partial came out for Mr. W.. It fits like a glove, looks great, the occlusion is perfect, and most importantly, he’s very happy with it! So thank you for doing such good work; It really makes doing dentistry that much easier, which is no small feat!

M.S. DDS, Georgia

I delivered the partial today to Mr. Dxxxxxx and I just wanted to say thank you for doing such an excellent job! It fit perfectly and looks great and he’s very happy with it!

M.S. DDS, Georgia

It has been great working with you. I always appreciate your emails with detailed pictures and you checking with me when something is questionable.

J.S. DDS, Florida

The crown was perfect and such a good match it was really hard for me to tell which was the real tooth and which was the crown. When the patient looked in the mirror I had to point out the crown to her because it was so close she couldn’t tell herself!

P.B. DDS, Georgia

When I think of a perfect case, I think of xxxx’s case. It couldn’t have been more beautiful and easier to seat.

F.H. DMD, Kentucky

I wanted to thank you’ll for Kim Pxxxx’s implant case. It fit perfectly and was beautiful!

S K, DDS, Georgia

Thank you for your help over the years to support my laboratory needs. Although my needs have decreased w/ you as a result of Cerec, I find your service has not diminished. You have a dedicated client in my office.

J.H. DDS, California

Just seated Cxxxxxx’s #7-8-9-10 bridge. Fit great, looks fantastic, patient is very pleased! Went in easily. Thanks so much!

A.R. DMD, Georgia

Excellent work. Everybody’s happy.

K.C. DMD, Alabama

Global Dental Solutions laboratory has delivered the most accurate restorations I have ever received in thirty years. Their precision porcelain margins and fit require little if no adjustments when seating them into a tooth. This has saved me enormous time as patients do not have to reappoint for an additional insertion appointment when a restoration has to go back. They are also happy to be finished in only two visits. The restorations also look terrific.

Brad and Hal have been extremely accommodating for special cases and helpful in planning a case. We appreciate the fast return of our cases and special deliveries when needed. Because they let us know early of potential problems with fabricating a case or delivering one, my staff has an easier time appointing patients.

I highly recommend Global Dental Solutions as a high quality dental laboratory.

D.R. DMD, FAGD, MIAOMT, Pennsylvania

I have always been happy with the work produced by your lab. I like the open lines of communication, everyone there is very nice and helpful. I love how you guys are available to help me with technical issues.

J.C. DMD, Rhode Island

The case was perfect. It was for my mother and she is very happy with the partials, not a single adjustment.

J.L. DMD, Georgia

Global Dental Solutions has always provided my patients with the highest quality of products, from crown and bridge to partials and dentures. Our communication with the laboratory is always prompt and all the service is very professional. I highly recommend using this lab to any dental office looking to increase their patient satisfaction and doctor’s peace of mind.

T.N. DMD, Florida

Your partial and denture work is beautiful and my patients could not be happier. I don’t have any labs around me like you! I have never had cases go so easily and seen so many patients smile. I never have any problems with the work you do for me; It always fits perfectly.

J.S. DDS, Delaware

Framework was flawless and try in was great. Thanks!

O.P. DDS, Georgia

Global Dental Solutions has been consistent in their artistry and precise labwork throughout the last four years that we have consulted with them for our patient’s needs. Communication is essential when discussing details involved with lab cases. Brad and Hal are always initiating and following up with my patient’s cases, which makes the dentist-laboratory relationship much more effective.

M.D. DMD, Florida

The single unit anterior crown done on Jxxxxxxx Oxxxxx was a masterpiece. There is no more difficult restoration to fabricate successfully than a single upper central incisor. Contours, shade, etc all have to be an exact mirror-image replica of the adjacent central incisor. Well, you guys did it ! My hats off to all of you!

R.F. DMD, Georgia

We love you guys. You have made a world of difference to our practice.

R.A. DDS, Michigan

Thanks for the great job on D. Dxxxxxxx’s upper RPD. She called us a few days later to express her happiness with her new clear RPD. Thanks for making me look good.

S.L. DDS, Kansas

That is the best partial framework I have seen. Thanks!

W.P. DMD, Idaho

I love your work. I think you guys are really awesome.

S.H. DDS, Texas

The first crown we got from you was the quickest insert I’ve had in a long time. We were dancing for joy!

S.L. DDS, Kansas

Your work goes very well. I am very happy with the work you do for me.

L.C. DDS, Georgia

Beautiful work! You get all my anterior cases for sure.

F.O. DMD, Florida

Since changing to your lab, I finally feel confident that my cases will seat and look good.

K. J.-V. DDS, Virginia

Thanks for saving me [on the Hader bar case]. It turned out excellent. Keep up the good work.

D.T. DDS, Kentucky

The case for Q. Smith couldn’t have been more beautiful or more perfect; it was awesome and the patient was so happy.

P.H. DDS, Georgia

On the patient J. Kxxxxxxxxxxx case, you guys pulled off a miracle. I was really worried about how the two crowns would work out, but they are great. Thank you! Please tell the lab tech who worked on those, thank you!

M.J. DDS, Georgia

I am very pleased with your service. I am very aware that there will be glitches once in a while. What I appreciate is a willingness to find a solution and not blame.

L.S. DDS, Georgia

My patients and I are pleased with the crowns, bridges and dentures we have received from you and your staff. Please continue to consistently do the good job that’s been done so far.

A.J.G. DDS, Georgia

In the more than 4 years we’ve worked together, I’ve never had a problem with the cases you’ve provided me. Everything has gone very well, so let’s keep going.

M.M. DDS, Georgia

Your service in the past decade has been a great component to my dental practice and I intend to continue with you as long as I practice dentistry.

R.M. DDS, Georgia

You guys do such a great job and I can’t thank you enough.

B.R. DDS, Georgia

Here is a photo of the emax crown cemented on for Jxxxxx Rxxxx (#5). Looks great, fit great, no adjustments needed. Thanks for the good work, it makes my job easier.

T.R. DDS, Florida

The patient came in Monday. I put it in and the patient left. It was the best flexible partial I’ve ever had.

T.R. DDS, Florida

We have been very pleased with the quality of work that your lab does! Thank you for you constant communication, promptness, and high quality work! Your lab is by far the best lab we have dealt with.

J.M. DDS, California

I absolutely love your lab! Best removables work I have seen, period.

M.M. DDS, Colorado

I love your work. It is top quality. When I put in a Valplast partial and it fits perfectly, or a crown and I don't need to touch it, my patients are thrilled and I know we both did our job.

A.D. DDS, Massachusetts

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